Chasing Momentum

Chasing Momentum as a painter, is a relationship on uneven
terms with the canvas I have chosen.
My work is a virtual expression of a need to imagine where lines
cross their axis, circles chase squares, when lit inverted
colors transcend expression.
This process of painting in reverse, continues to drive my courageous discovery and honest admission of fear.
“Sherwood is a dynamic painter working in reverse on glass.
His goals are to push the boundaries of art and the play of light, shadow, and color when transmuted through a clear yet charismatic surface.” DTLA Life Magazine

Chasing Momentum


Thunder, Rain and Fire

About the Artist

Bill is a Canadian artist originally from Rossland, BC.
His career as a business and software entrepreneur always had an artist’s creative fire.
The lure of the film world called in 2002 when the artist moved from Seattle to study at the prestigious
LA Film School.
A later in life passion for painting wed a film maker’s unique vision.
He created an innovative reverse painting, mixed media process that explores the dynamics of light, shadow, and color when channeled through his chosen medium of plexi glass.
Soon, Bill decided to pursue his art full time.
His work has shown throughout Southern California as well as in Seattle, Scottsdale, and New York City.